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you too can color your labia...

Ahhhh….  I love hearing about new inventions, new ways to improve ourselves.  I’m not entirely sure how new this thing is that I am about to talk about it.. but it’s definitely new to me since I just heard about it yesterday. Apparently, there are places that will rejuvenate your vagina.   I’m not talking about... Read more »

daughter 22, boyfriend 32... I'm over it.

  Dearest you know who you are: For the record, I don’t hate you.  Yes, I know I said you were the world’s worst dancer at the wedding reception, but come on.. do you really think you could be the world’s worst?  You obviously haven’t seen any midwestern boy from the 80’s dancing to “ride... Read more »

For my 30 something year old daughters... someday.

This is some advice for the women my children will be twenty years from now. First of all I told you not to straighten your hair every day.  I told you it would fry.  I suggest you shave it all off and start fresh. I also told you to use moisturizer.  Especially on your décolletage  area..... Read more »

Do men want to be fondled by strange drunk women?

So last night I was in line waiting for the men’s room at a local establishment (yes you heard me.. men’s room) and I encountered a nice man who reminded me of what Channing Tatum will be in 20 years.  Basically, hot.  Okay, maybe my whiskey goggles enhanced him a tiny bit, but I know... Read more »