Festivals and the sex people have in the port-o-pottys

Okay…  Summer is almost over… the festivals are winding down after being in full force… which can only mean one thing…   there will be NO MORE SEX in the port-o-pottys!!

Yes.  You heard me.

I heard someone bragging about their sexcapade in the port-o-potty at Country Thunder this summer.

Okay.  Um, gross.

First of all, who ARE YOU PEOPLE?  Everyone knows I am a wild and crazy girl and I am usually up for anything.. but I’m sorry, I can barely stand the thought of my feet touching the ground in these things.  How on earth you take your business out and use them in one of these is beyond me.

I have found myself in the potty with my poor drink only to look around and think “Oh fuck, what am I going to do with this now that I am in this cesspool of muck…  and now also apparently it’s a cesspool of fuck.  I had no clue that this was going on in these things.

What is it about the stench, the long lines and the open hole full of disgustingness  that makes you want to get jiggy with someone?  Where would you put your hands? Your legs?  Nothing about the port-o-potty screams “have sex right now” to me.  Nothing.

I would seriously not even have sex on a sealy mattress in any close proximity to a port-o-potty.

I really thought everyone thought like me when it comes to port-o-pottys.   Apparently I was wrong.

I guess not everyone plugs their nose, has their pants already undone  before they enter and tries not to touch anything or spend too much time in them.   This was one thing I thought 100% of the population did.  Was I ever wrong.

Sex in the port-o-potty.   Is that why there is a mirror?   Now it makes sense.   I never understood the mirror.  Now I get it.

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  • Sex takes precedence over place.

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