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School's Out For Summer.... say goodbye to the good times

I'll have to give up my early morning book club
My kids are getting out of school in two days. My life is officially about to change for the next two and a half months.  

Carry On......

Do you ever feel like Nemo?  A little fish in this ocean of humanity…..  not only little.. but with a bad fin?  And you just keep swimming and pushing because you are not going to let anything… be it a big BUTT..or boat… or a giant shark… get in your way of survival? I feel... Read more »

Yes, a worm does have a mouth... sometimes I wish you didn't!

MOM…. do worms have mouths? MOM…   how old is Taylor Swift? MOM….when we go to heaven will everyone be  young or old looking? MOM…..  what’s that girl thinking over there? Seriuosly.  My kids think I am the answer guru.  They think I know everything about everything and everyone.  I admit.. I do know alot.  I’m basically... Read more »