Carry On......

Do you ever feel like Nemo?  A little fish in this ocean of humanity…..  not only little.. but with a bad fin?  And you just keep swimming and pushing because you are not going to let anything… be it a big BUTT..or boat… or a giant shark… get in your way of survival?

I feel like Nemo.   I used to be the Dory.  You know, fun loving, funny, goofy.. just going about my business in my little secluded world…. obvlivious to the dangers that lurked ahead.   It was a good run.  Being the Dory.

Now I am tring to move forward and keep on keeping on… but it sometimes gets so exhausting…. you know.. with this bad fin, and all.

It doesn’t help that I have Marlon over my shoulder questioning my every move.  Telling me I can’t do it that way.  Or this way.

Well, guess what?  I can do it that way.  Or this way.   It might not be the conventional way or the fastest way to get something, but it’s the way I believe is going to make me the happiest.  And what is life if you can’t find happiness?

Fish talk aside…  let me tell you a funny story.  Well, to me it’s funny.  And since It happened to me and I can laugh about it, maybe you will see the humor in something that others can’t., in

My car has been driving wierd lately.  Like it didn’t want to get up and go.  So of course, yesterday on the way home from dropping my daughters off at school, it wouldn’t go.  I came to a stop sign… oh about a mile and a half still from home.. and one major interesection.  I of course was wearing my pajamas.  Because that’s what I always wear when dropping them off at school.  I am too busy in the morning making snacks, pouring breakfast drinks and getting outfits out for them to worry about a little thing such as clothes for myself.  So anyway, my car decided it only wanted to go in reverse.  Oh no I thought. What am I going to do? I am not walking through that busy interseciton wearing my pajamas, no makeup on, hair piled on top of my head like a powder puff.   Panic mode set in.  I took a deep breath and decided that my car wasn’t dead.  It would still get me to where I neeeded to be, albeit backwards…   but still moving me closer to my goal of getting home.  So I put it in reverse and did a circle in the street (calm down I live in Woodstock, it was on a sidestreet.. nobody around to witness this insanity).   I then proceeded to drive backwards down the street, eventually coming to a gas station parking lot, that was adjacent to a bunch of other parking lots, letting me find the safest path back to my place in reverse.  Guess what?  I made it.  Nobody was hurt.  Nobody was ticketed and nobody had to look at me pissed off walking through an intersection with morning breath and bad jammies on.

The point is, I made it.  I made it safely home, which is where I was trying to get.  I drove slowly, okay backwards, but got to my destination.

Some might have gotten out of their car and let it sit in the road.  I treaded on.  And now I can look at the day my transmission died and laugh at how I had to drive backwards for a mile to get home.  I am not focusing on the tragedy of the death of an automobile.  Or the destruction of my Nashville girls trip fund to fix the hunk of junk.  I just think of how I moved forward…….   backwards.

So all you little Nemos out there, just keep swimming.  It might take you longer to be where you want to .. and the route might be different and longer and stranger than you anticipated.. but don’t give up.

I have included the video for “Carry On” by FUN.

It can inspire you when you are feeling just too tired to swim.

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