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Basketball is for girls..... even girls who are girly and reallly reallly suck at it

It’s a tough world.   I know this.  You know this.  I hate that it’s tough.  I’m one of those parents who wants everyone to get a trophy.  I am one of those parents who wants you to play the clumsy kids on the court just as much as the little speedy gonzaleses who must have... Read more »

Rudy Huxtable is a grown up, are you?

Shut up!!  No way!  Rudy Huxtable is 34?  What? I don’t see how this is possible.  I am still driving around the same kind of car I was driving when I first got my license and Ruddy was on TV once a week.  A beater.    I just looked down and saw that I am wearing... Read more »

Bowling and waffle fries = saturday night in suburbia

Two Saturday nights in a row BOWLING…   what has my life become?  I look to the left of me.. and there are teenagers.   Sitting on each other’s laps eating fries.  And kissing in between kectchup dips.  They look all of 14.. which scares me because I will have one of those in three years.   I... Read more »