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Bright Young Things.... it could be worse

Okay.  I’m sorry, but as a mother of 3 girls, one of which is rump deep in VS underwear, I have to say people are getting crazy over nothing. The new slogan “Bright Young Things” that is for the new VS spring collection  under their Pink line is not degrading.  They said “Bright” as in “intelligent, smart,... Read more »

Spring break sleepovers.....

best part of spring break so far....First day at the park after the big thaw.. and lo and behold.. we are rich!!
I hate sleepovers.  Unless it involves me, some booze and a hottie.. I hate them. It’s officially spring break so of course we had to have one the first night…..   just to remind me that I have 9 days of no routine and crazy days ahead! I was so ready for this child to leave... Read more »

what happens in vegas... wait.. we weren't IN VEGAS... were we?

This morning my daughter looked at me in the eye.. all serious. and asked me.. no TOLD me…  “so this weekend is like vegas.  And what happened there.. stays there….  right?” I thought about it.  “OF COURSE!”  I told her.   And now I’m writing my blog. But don’t worry.  I will forever protect the guilty. ... Read more »

It's St. Patty's Day Kid!!!

It’s St. Patty’s Day I wear green to school I don’t want to get pinched What is the pinch for? Is it a leprechan smile? I want some gold. In a big pot by a rainbow The lunchroom smells funny Cabbage? I have to eat cabbage? I feel lucky.   No test today. Snakes?  Did somebody... Read more »

Mean girls... we're born that way

Girls are bitches.  It’s so true.  And just when I think, well maybe I have been too hard on my kind my whole life, I get yet another reminder of why girls are bitches and I really don’t like us. My 9 year old likes a boy.  Let’s call him Ralph.  For lack of a... Read more »


SO WHAT TO DO WITH ALL THIS SNOW YOU ASK?  INSTEAD OF BITCHING ABOUT IT… GO OUT AND  HAVE SOME FUN…..   sure, I know it’s March 5 and last year around this time, well 11 days from this date to be exact, we were walking around the streets of Chicago with sundresses and shorts enjoying... Read more »