It's St. Patty's Day Kid!!!

It’s St. Patty’s Day

I wear green to school

I don’t want to get pinched

What is the pinch for?

Is it a leprechan smile?

I want some gold.

In a big pot by a rainbow

The lunchroom smells funny

Cabbage? I have to eat cabbage?

I feel lucky.   No test today.

Snakes?  Did somebody say snakes?

I’m glad he got them out of Ireland

But I hope they didn’t come here!

Her shirt says KISS ME.

Kiss you?  I’m not kissing anybody… Even if they are Irish!

Mom and Dad are acting funny when I get home.

Root beer isn’t supposed to be green!!!!!  NO thanks.

What’s with all the loud dancing?

This is a wierd holiday.  I can’t wait for the Easter Bunny.




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