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Three ways, four ways and five ways... always A PROBLEM!

three ways!
Okay people.  I get it.  Four way stops are hard.  Nobody knows when the f to go.  So sometimes you sit there yelling at the next car to “go you idiot”.  And guess what?  In case four ways aren’t hard enough for us humans, we also have some intersections with FIVE WAY STOPS.   I get... Read more »

Meddling Bullshit... sure I CAN keep a secret....

“Can you keep a secret?” Well I have a blog, and a big mouth, so no, but I know you are going to tell me anyway because for some reason EVERYONE always feels the need to tell me their deepest darkest secrets.  I am not sure why I have this curse.  Sure I have the... Read more »

Ash Wednesday, Fat Tuesday, Paczki Day and how it's all connected... or something like that

My fifth grader asked me if today is ass Wednesday because yesterday was fat tuesday.  And it was also paczki day and we were at the bakery with all the other fatties.   Yes.  Sure.  Something like that. We are not Catholic so I tried to explain to her what ASH Wednesday is.  As best I could.... Read more »

foot fetishes... I'm surrounded!

What the hell is going on?  When did all these men out there decide they loved shoes and all had to have a foot fetish?  I swear to GOD everyone I am meeting wants to frickin see my feet, buy me shoes, feel my feet and talk about my shoes. Now not only do I... Read more »

It's valentine's Day... don't be pissed off!

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner and the look of love in every Jewel, Osco, Target and Walmart, I am trying so hard to get a grip on love, or the loss of it. “Why you so mad this weekend?” That was a text I got at 1:15 a.m. today.  From my ex.   I... Read more »