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Taylor Swift on my IPOD.... loud and proud. Don't hate the player.. hate the game

Okay..  I’m in a very irritable mood so I need to vent.  And I am going to vent about all you Taylor Swift haters.  What is it about this extremely talented very pretty girl that you all hate so much?  She’s not off having babies at a young  age, smoking whatever in her pipe, running... Read more »

texting and dating don't go hand in hand

This modern texting slash dating thing is whack.  That’s all I have to say.  The last time I dated, we didn’t have texting.   I had an answering machine…   and it was exciting to come home and see my little light blinking and pushing play and hear the voice on the other end…Now..  I check my... Read more »

pantyhose and Mr. Softee

“What are pantyhose?” My child asked me this as we were dining on dollar burgers at four o’clock on a Wednesday afternoon.  She heard me discussing the woman at the next table, the woman and her open toed heels with pantyhose.  Not only a crime against fashion, but it was also snowing out, making this... Read more »

sheltering children from their older siblings and their.. cough cough... scrotums

My kids learned a new word yesterday. One of the perks of having a 21 year old and a 9 and 10 year old living under the same roof, besides a live in babysitter, is that they get to learn words they normally  probably wouldn’t even hear until one of their snot nosed friends would tell them. ... Read more »

make hamburger helper then get naked... or vice versa

It’s that time again..   birthday month.  I was going through my things reflecting on yet another year, and came across something I wrote a year and a half ago.  I sound so different from the person I am today.  It’s interesting to go back and read about your life.  Even a short 20 months in... Read more »

Alabama... roll tide... Notre Dame... Betty paige...slam!! huh?

An ALABAMA SLAMMER  is apparently NOT something you should drink if you intend to keep your head off of the table.  And if you don’t care that your head might hit the table.. make sure your drink isn’t in the way of your forehead.  You could get a headache. And have to leave. Unless you... Read more »

my addiction or (the puddle)

Okay here goes. Don’t judge.   I have been wanting to share this with you for almost two months now.  I have a secret life.  I have an addiction.. yes another one.  It’s called PLENTY OF    Okay I think they changed the name to POF now.  I personally like to call it PUDDLE of FISH.  I... Read more »