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New Year.. New toothbrush... or is it?

I want to talk about toothbrushes.   I know they did a whole episode on “How I met your mother” about them but I feel like these things are still being abused.  When I say  abused.. I actually mean misrepresented. Have you ever had someone you have been dating casually show up at your place with a... Read more »

was today the last day on Earth? I hope not.. I was hungover from the Chicagonow Holiday Blathering

I can’t believe THIS is how I spent my last day on this planet. Called in sick to work.  Laid in bed pretty much all day except the trip to get a greasy burger  for this wine hangover I apparently forgot was going to happen as I drank wine after wine last night.  Hey, it... Read more »

the loss of the innocents in Connecticut

It is so easy for us to turn the tragedy in CT into a fight about guns and mental illness.  I really don’t feel like getting into another heated discussion about why a mother of a mentally disturbed individual even owns a gun.  Or should I say 3?   One of which has now taken her... Read more »

christmas shopping with grandma... where's the reindeer?

Today my mom, who for some reason I call grandma (when I am not calling her Helen Keller because she can’t seem to see or hear anything anymore) took me shopping.  We only had 4 things on our list.  Easy breezy.  WRONG!!  I pull in her driveway and honk the horn…   just kidding… I go... Read more »

stay at home moms ARE smart!

I am at a loss.  A loss of ideas.  I know I’m not that smart.  I’m witty and clever, but smart?  I don’t think so.  At least not in the way that most consider someone to be smart.  Maybe smart is the wrong word.  Educated. There I go.  That’s the word I am looking for.... Read more »

Do I trim the tree or my celibacy bush tonight? I really don't want to be a HO HO HO

Having recently broken up with my boyfriend of a year and a half I have declared that I will be sporting a celibacy bush this Christmas season. What is this you might ask?  Well I will tell you.  It’s me throwing out my razor so I can’t shave a certain region. You see, I figure if... Read more »