New Year.. New toothbrush... or is it?

I want to talk about toothbrushes.   I know they did a whole episode on “How I met your mother” about them but I feel like these things are still being abused.  When I say  abused.. I actually mean misrepresented.

Have you ever had someone you have been dating casually show up at your place with a toothbrush?  And I don’t mean their toothbrush that they use daily and decided to grab “just in case”.  I mean the “I just bought this toothbrush in a box that I am going to leave at your place forever” kind.  SERIOUSLY?  Why would anyone think that is okay to do.  To buy a toothbrush and think they can move it into your place.  I am not sure when this is accpetable.  Shouldn’t this be discussed?  I mean, if we never make it to date number 14 I will have to pick up your toothbrush and throw it away.    A good friend of mine said the man she has been seeing for about a month and a half (nothing in dating life) brought over a toothbrush in a box the other night.  She saw it in his backpack.  At 11:00 p.m. she informed him that she was tired and he should probably go, thus never giving the toothbrush an opportunity to make it into her bathroom.  She hasn’t seen him since.  It freaked her out.

On the other spectrum of things, there is the “I have an extra toothbrush in my medicine cabinet that you can use” person.  So wait.. you are telling me that I am the only one who has ever used said toothbrush?  Even though it is not in  a box and looks a little questionable? And why isn’t it in a box?  Who took it out?    I have had this happen to me.  I trusted this man.  I trusted that he would never let me put something in my mouth that wasn’t pure and sterile.  Boy I couldn’t have been more wrong.  Not only did he let me put that thing in my mouth time after time, but he was letting other girls do the same.  I know this for a fact  because after we broke up I had conversations with the others he had been letting put that thing in their mouths.  EW.   I can never look at an orange toothbrush the same again.

I think the makers of the Crest Wisp have hit the nail on the head with these things.  They cover every aspect of  the “OMG MY BREATH!” moments.   You can buy a box and keep them at your place assuring the person in need of one that they are not putting something gross and widely misused or misrepresented into their mouth.  Or you can buy a box and carry it with you at all times.. therefore assuring your dating partner that you are not thinking of anything permanent when it comes to toothbrushes at their place.

Oh, and don’t forget to floss.

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