The biggest day of the next four years.. AKA election day.. is tomorrow! V O T E

Guess what tomorrow is? Why it’s the day before we can FINALLY be done with all the political commercials!

I for one am elated!!  I am not a big political person.  At all.   I have voted 3 times.  Don’t knock me.  It’s 2 times more than my mother.  She just informed me that she is voting tomorrow.  The last time she voted was for JFK.  Wow.  I wonder if she wore her pillbox hat.

I wasn’t brought up to even think about voting.  I am not sure why.  I know my dad did.  He was always complaining about Carter and his peanuts or wearing some political pin.  But to be honest, I think he hee hawed between parties.  Something most would never THINK of doing in this day and age.  It seems like once you proclaim to be Republican or Democrat you have to stick with it for life, and stick with it HARDCORE!

My children are going to be different.  They are learning to vote in elementary school.  Each one has to actually cast a vote for their choice tomorrow.  If it had been their fathers’s “weekend” this past weekend then I am sure they would be voting differently than the way they are going to do it tomorrow.  Because I have had them and have done my little version of brainwashing.   I feel a little guilty, but I figure they can make up their own mind when they really understand the issues.

We were watching wheel of fortune tonight and my 9 year old starting commenting on all the political commercials.  They were all so negative.  One came on about taxes and I had to try to explain to her what it meant.  I think I did pretty good without telling her its a way to get robbed of some of the money you make.  She seemed to get it.

Like I said, I am not very political.  I do think it’s important to vote.  Especially if you want to complain about who is in control.  I am taking my 21 year old to the polls with me tomorrow.  This is her first time voting and she is so excited.  Of coure I think her vote is being based on doing the opposite of her stepdad.

I love listening to all the craziness of the extreme partiers.  My family is very divided.  And when we all get together for holidays it makes me laugh to hear the twenty something year old telling my mom how the republicans are going to kill off everyone her age so they don’t have to pay for her.  And it’s equally amusing to me to hear her republican 18 year old cousin (who can’t even vote yet) how he is tired of hearing young girls say they hope Obama wins so they can still get free birth control.

I just can’t wait for it all to be over.  Facebook will finally get back to important posts of who needs what farmville gift.   And tv will finally start showing me soap, shampoo and cell phone commercials again.

Anyway, that’s about all I have to say about the election.  I hope you all do your part, and I hope your party wins.  But remember, it’s not if you win or lose, it’s how you live your life!

Go _________!!


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