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Psycho..... or is she?

“She’s a psycho”.. let’s face it…  she’s probably not a psycho.  You just seem to have a limited vocabulary when it comes to describing your ex. Yeah right.  I am so sick of hearing men call their ex girfriends or wives psycho.  You know you MADE her that way… right?  And did you ever stop... Read more »

I hope Elmo has been playing with consenting adults....

Oh Elmo… say it aint so!!! I am so torn as to how I should be feeling about my favorite furry little monster.  I have listened to Elmo’s voice for the past 20 years…..  having all 3 of my children laugh at  him and fall in love with him.   I didn’t even know there was a... Read more »

Naperville killings and Simon Peter Nelson... two stories young minds shouldn't have to hear

We have all heard of the tragedy in Naperville last week.  And I am sure it broke all of our hearts. My fifth grader heard about this terrible story too.  Something I would have NEVER let her hear.  But her teacher decided it was a great story to share with her fifth grade class.   And... Read more »

The biggest day of the next four years.. AKA election day.. is tomorrow! V O T E

Guess what tomorrow is? Why it’s the day before we can FINALLY be done with all the political commercials! I for one am elated!!  I am not a big political person.  At all.   I have voted 3 times.  Don’t knock me.  It’s 2 times more than my mother.  She just informed me that she is voting... Read more »