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The Hangge Uppe is still alive... But they NEED to bring back the photo booth

Ow. The balls of my feet hurt.  Forty six year old women should NOT… I repeat…  should NOT think they can wear 3 inch heels starting at 4:30 pm saturday night and not take them off until 3:30 am Sunday morning.  Okay.. well I admit I took them off for a brief period of time... Read more »

Halloween costumes 2012

“THIS IS HALLOWEEN!  THIS IS HALLOWEEN!   HALLOWEEN HALLOWEEN!! Tim Burton isn’t the only one who loves  this time of year.  I love love love stressing all month about what I am going to be for Halloween.    The stress usually starts October 1st.  “I have at least 3 weeks” I  think to myself, proud that I have so much time.  And... Read more »

I went to a Mad Men Fashion Show instead of watching two Mad Men debate....

Pearls definitely age women.  That is something I found out last night at the Fashion Focus Mad Men Fashion Event.   Well, at least they age ME.  I didn’t notice any lines on the pretty models that were roaming the floor of the Blackstone Hotel.  Which by the way is a very glamourous place, perfect backdrop... Read more »

Mad woman in search of Madmen....

I am going to a fashion show!  Yippee skippy!   It is downtown at the Blackstone Hotel on Tuesday.    The theme is Mad Men.  So I have 2 more days to find something that suits the theme.  I have been looking for two days.  I wish I had planned sooner.  There are all kinds of vintage... Read more »

How big was Rhea Perlman's ring?

I for one don’t understand the obsession with a ring that Jennifer Aniston is wearing. Who cares. It’s great she is in love.  And hopefully it will last.  It’s just a ring.  I think she had one from Brad Pitt too. And look how that ended. It doesn’t matter the size of the ring.  What... Read more »