Summer turning to OKTOBER.... festivals

I for one am relieved that the Summer Festival Season is ALMOST OVER.

I admit, I have pretty much eaten my way through most of it.  Seriously, if I never  see one more Monkey Tail, a.k.a. chocolate covered  banana on a stick, booth, it will be too soon!

Sure festivals are fun.  At least they are in June, when we are so eager to be outside every weekend after spending months indoors with our pasty white selves.   But really, by the time Labor Day comes around, I have had it with sticky feet from spilled beer and sticky children from cotton candy.  Why do they have to lick their entire hand when eating this?  I mean, it’s cotton!!!

Don’t get me wrong.  I love a good street fest.  Especially without the kiddies.  Oh what fun it is to be under the stars, well okay, street lights, listening to an 80’s cover band while eating a gigantic piece of pizza and juggling a wine cooler.  And being knocked into by every sweaty Tom Dick and Mary.  Yes, I am finding that women are getting just as drunk and beligerent as the men now.  (Myself included so relax).

I took my children this past weekend to two summertime festivals.  Okay, technically they were fairs, but since my children were able to get just as sticky, I am putting them all in the same category.   We must have eaten our weight, and probably yours, in Strawberry shortcakes, shish ka bobs, icecream, corn on the cob, elephant ears, spuds, crepes…… well, you get the picture!   I am always amazed at the amount of food I am able to stuff into my body at these things… until I look over at my 10 year old and realize she just ate an entire bag of cinnamon roasted nuts BY HERSELF!  And if all that food isn’t enough to hurt my tummy, or theirs, they make me buy tickets and promise to join them on the tilt a whirl.  And since I am supermom, I actually do it!

I went to the Sheffield Garden Walk Festival last month.   And I left the kids at home.  I don’t know if that is why this was one of my all time favorites this year.  Or maybe it was seeing all the beautiful gardens and then listening to Gomez.  Oh heck, maybe it was just all the Blue Moons I drank.   Wait, maybe it was Taste of Lincoln Avenue.  Or was it Lalapooloza?  Blues Fest?  No, it was Pitchfork Musica Festival.  No, wait.  Maybe I wasn’t even there.. I might have  just beenj reading  everyone’s facebook walls and saw pictures about all of them that I thought I was there….  shoot.. now I think I wasn’t even drinking Blue Moon but it was actually a Sierra Nevada Lager

I guess we have about another couple of weeks left of “Summer festivals”.   But don’t be sad.  If you still haven’t gotten your fill of outdoor music, booths filled with food and bumping into arms holding adult beverages, OKTOBERFESTs are just around the corner!!

One final word, does everyone else’s fingernails get just as dirty as mine at these things?  WTF?





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    I, for one, cannot wait for the October "fests"--Shoot out and Boo bash--here we come!

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