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Send them to the cyber slammer?

Oh boy… here we go again.  Another facebook first. It seems two middle school girls are in deep trouble for creating bogus accounts and bullying others.  I personally am glad the little brats got caught. By middle school, parents should have taught their children whats right and wrong.  I know kids will be kids and... Read more »

I would rather give birth than car shop!

I hate car shopping.  I mean HATE HATE HATE.  See, I am a girl.  I didn’t play with tonka trucks and matchbox cars.  I did barbies.  Barbie did Ken. I have been looking for a used  car for the past month.  Craigslist.  Car magazines.  Driving around blindly looking at “for sale” signs on random cars.    And... Read more »

You can never twitter or facebook your BFF enough!

“Isn’t facebook, texting, email,  phone calls, twitter and her blog enough?” Those were the words expressed to my bestest friend in the world by her 12 year old son yesterday as they were on their way to my house to drop off his sister for a sleepover.   He was anxious to get to his scheduled... Read more »

Britney vs the watermelon.. or something like that

I have been in a heated discussion today.  Comparing of all things, Adele to Britney Spears.  Its like comparing kiwis to watermelons.  I get it. People have been bashing Britney Spears for years.  I realize  that she is a little nut job and maybe not the best mother out there.  But sometimes I think we need... Read more »

it really is too hot for clothes!!

We were at Fudrucker’s yesterday eating as many tomatoes as we could possibly fit in our tummys when my girls started talking about “the calendar”. We had just come from a friends parent’s house, and his father has a playboy calendar.. aka “the calendar”  hanging proudly in his garage for all to see.  He has... Read more »