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The TOLL guys rock!

“BUMP BUMP BUMP”  “RATTLE RATTLE”….  :::  WHOLE CAR NOW SHAKING:::… trying to AVOID it… but…  sadly.. you have gone your last 1/2 mile with the dreaded FLAT TIRE. This happened to me Friday night as I was on my way to meet friends at my favorite pizza place in Addison.   It was friday night without the... Read more »

I have nothing to wear.

My friend was telling me about an “older woman” he and his friend were making fun of at the bar.  He described her as having blonde, Heather Locklearish hair.  Feathered to a T.   And then he looked at me,, and said, sorta like yours Vick. Great.  As if it wasn’t hard enough to fit in... Read more »

Mustaches and daughters DO MIX

So there were alot of hairy upper lips in Wrigleyville last Saturday. It was a fundraiser for Chicago Children’s  Memorial Hospital.  The annual “Mustache Crawl”.  And I went with my friends and my daughter. I had drinks with my daughter.  I had alot of laughs with my daughter.  I was loud with my daughter.  I... Read more »