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Memorial Day... I know it's not just for fun and pedicures

Yes, I know today isn’t all about grilling hot dogs and playing bags.    I know what Memorial Day is.  I actually hate this holiday.  I hate that we have to have war, and soldiers.  I don’t like all the funerals of fallen soldiers.   I WISH the world just lived in peace and nobody had to... Read more »

it's TIME to stop feeding your toddler (who can walk and talk) with your boobies

So everyone has seen it.  The TIME cover with the hot mom and the WAY TOO OLD TO BE BREASTFEEDING KID on the cover. And we all seem to have an opinion about it. I for one, think this is just YUCK.  This kid can go pour himself a glass of milk, which someone needs... Read more »

butt.... I love oreos

My children came in my room tonite as I was sitting at my desk.. naked.  They weren’t invited in, they barged.  As they usually do. My little one told me to put a robe on.. that I was offensive.  So I got up to grab my big chenile mom-like robe, when she shrieked in horror.... Read more »

Mother May I have a summersault?

Let’s play Mother May I? Silence. How about red light? Silence. Red Rover? Still.. silence. I was just at recess with a bunch of elementary school kids trying to organize a friendly game, and no one knew any of these games.  In fact, one child asked me what SYSTEM it was for.  HUH?  WTF? So I took  it upon myself... Read more »