The Zoo is still #1

What a week.  We all survived!  I made sure my kids had something planned EVERY DAY of their spring break, you know, because I’m such a good mom.  And I rounded out the week by shipping them off to their father for his weekend, you know, because I’m such a good mom.  .  And what do you know?  When I got them back and asked them if they told their dad all about their fun week,  they said they could only remember ONE thing we did on spring break.  ONE!

They didn’t remember the double decker bus ride in the cold through Chicago. “Oh Yeah.  I forgot”.  That was the response I got over and over.  Or the extra large Marilyn Monroe statue.  Or looking up her dress at her larger than life undies.  Or the biggest library they have EVER set foot in.  With any book they could imagine and a top floor that felt like you were taking the escalator up to heaven when you saw the ceiling. “Oh Yeah.  I forgot”.

And what about the subway ride to Chinatown to get their favorite chinese meal followed up by a strawberry mango smoothie?  And silly me.  I know  they are used to seeing giganitc plants from Madagascar on their walks to school every day.    Duh!!  (Well we tried Macys, didn’t we?! )  Or how about the Cultural building with the most beautiful tiffany glass ceilings you ever saw?  And the Morbid Exhibit  full of skulls?  How do you forget a sequinned or disco ball mirrored skull?  I’m still having nightmares about that one.

I asked them how they could forget everything we went and did during the whole week.  Everything except the ZOO.  The one thing they have done at least twice a year since they could sit up straight.  And that’s the only thing they can remember!

My oldest daughter went to Disneyland, Vegas, California and theBahamas by  the time she was 8.  She barely remembers any of these trips.  I think she remembers getting her hair braided on the beach.  Something I could have done for free in the back yard while she drank hose water.

I want new parents to learn something.  We don’t do fun things and trips with our kids for their memories.  We do it for OURS.  Sure they will have the pictures.  But we will have something to think about when we are old and they are gone.  That’s why we do what we do for these little creatures.

I think most of them would be happy to sit at home and play with sidewalk chalk.   Drawing monkeys and elephants on the pavement.   With the chalk I bought.  You know, because I’m such a good mom.

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