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Too much NEWS!

My brian hurts.  Seriously.  I have been watching the news for about a month straight now.  I got tired of people talking about things around me that I had NO CLUE what they were talking about. I was in my own little bubble of a world.  My kids favorite barbies.  Disney shows.  What’s for hot... Read more »

File your taxes and learn how to check your oil too!

I have filed my income taxes.  Federal.  Check.  State. Check.  In fact, I have recieved my refunds.  I still haven’t cashed the $26 dollar one from good old Land of Lincoln.. but I will.  Just waiting for the perfect vacation destination spot. My daughter, on the other hand, hasn’t filed her state taxes yet.  She... Read more »

I traded scrapbooking for Johnny Walker

My shoes are trashed.    But somehow I didn’t spill my BIG GULP. I am waking up to a beautiful view of Lake Michigan on a bright Saturday morning.  A sailboat in the distance.  People running with their dogs 20 floors below me.   I stand up from my friends most comfortable couch, and then it hits... Read more »

happy Easter

Why are my kids afraid of the easter bunny?   I have done everything right.  Given them baskets full of messy colored grass year after year.  Piled high with more candy then they could ever possibly eat before June.  Barbies.  Movies.  Big fuzzy bunnies and lambs.  And NEVER a single jelly bean.   Yet tonite they are in... Read more »

The Zoo is still #1

What a week.  We all survived!  I made sure my kids had something planned EVERY DAY of their spring break, you know, because I’m such a good mom.  And I rounded out the week by shipping them off to their father for his weekend, you know, because I’m such a good mom.  .  And what... Read more »