File your taxes and learn how to check your oil too!

I have filed my income taxes.  Federal.  Check.  State. Check.  In fact, I have recieved my refunds.  I still haven’t cashed the $26 dollar one from good old Land of Lincoln.. but I will.  Just waiting for the perfect vacation destination spot.

My daughter, on the other hand, hasn’t filed her state taxes yet.  She was told that if you expect a refund, you don’t really have to file before April 15th.   I looked at her with my glaring “who the hell are you?” look that she has had 21 years to get used to.  The look of “HOW DID YOU MAKE THE DEAN’S LIST again?”.

I told her that we all, as Americans, need to FILE our taxes by April 15th.  Okay, this year they gave us til the 17th.  So we still have one more day to do the right thing and file taxes.

I asked her who told her this wise useful information.   I am assuming it was the same genius who told her that if she renews her drivers license on her 21st birthday, they will waive the $30 fee.  Cough. Cough.  After arguing with her mother who knows NOTHING, she found out that maybe I do KNOW a little something.  I haven’t been around the block a few times for nothing.  I have picked up a few useful tidbits of information along the way.

Like, when making turkey, always take out the plastic bag of gunk inside it.   Or, never make the hamburger helper WITHOUT the hamburger.   A really useful one is finding a way to differentiate where the car oil goes and where the wiper fluid goes.    Or one of the most profound ones I can think of is NEVER go into Home Depot and ask them where they keep the elbow grease.

It takes years of living to learn these things that you cannot learn form a book.  Common knowlege things.   Trial and error things.   Things we all, as grownups should learn.  My daughter doesn’t even know how to plunge a toilet.   Which brings me back to the tax issue.

YES YOU HAVE TO FILE by the April 15, 16 or 17th deadline.   Or you have to at least ask for an extension.  But you have to do something.   And who knows, you might even be lucky enough to get a big juicy refund.  Like my $26!


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