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spring break ... AINT what it used to be!

It's that wonderful time of year again.  When all  the kids get out of school for a week.  College kids all around are traveling to far off beaches to make lifelong memories.   Of course these are memories that for most of them will be a blur since the average college kid spends most of his or her spring break drinking to excess with other college aged students  from around the globe just looking to forget finals and all the stress and worries of being a young college kid.  Hey wait a minute.  This makes absolutely no sense.   College kids don't have much to worry about.  They don't have rent. Or kids.  Or the stress of putting food on the table.  Or missing out on, GOD FORBID,  Jersey Shore because the cable didn't get paid.    We have this all wrong.   I think adults should get spring break.   And all come together on airplanes from far and wide to relax, drink, mingle, chill.  Leaving all the cares of our lives behind.     Sporting new bathing suits and sandals.    And cramming as many people as we can into a hotel room hoping the front desk doesn't get wind of our sneakiness. Instead, I, as an adult get to spend my days dragging kids around to zoos, botanical gardens, china town, train rides, museums, bike rides, movies and restaurants all around the chicago area.   And listen to them fight and bicker between them because somone's elbow is touching the other  one's leg on the subway.  And I can't drink because these children will be up at the crack of dawn ready to embark on a new adventure with mom.  Sure, I could take them to florida.  And do the mouse themed park.  Or to Mexico.  And risk extreme sun burn around my children's eyes because I FORGOT to slather on the sunscreen.   Or a giant indoor water park in Wisconsin  exposing all the other adults to my creamy white  winter hibernated skin under flourescent lights.   Oh wow.  Definitely need to turn off the visual on that one. My kids are already bugging me about having sleepovers and play dates to go along wtih all the day trips I have planned.   Already asking if they can wear tank tops and shorts.  I just want to scream at them that I don't frickin KNOW what the weather will be and since it's called a break, they should just LEAVE ME ALONE. Spring break.  What is it good for once you are over the age of 21?   ...

happy 21st my little shamrock

My oldest, my precious, my pride and first joy is turning 21 in 2 days.  And all I can think to get her is a hello kitty nightgown.  And gummy bears. Her boyfriend has a big party planned for her downtown.  And he invited little ole ME.  I declined.  But then he made me feel... Read more »

Red fish nets, cabbage soup and hostess cupcakes

So it’s Thursday  morning… and I finally got a comb through my hair…..   I”m staring in the mirror looking at the person applying mascara getting ready for another job interview.. thinking.. WHO ARE YOU?????? Last Friday started off like any other.  Dropping the kids off to spend the weekend with their dad and driving with... Read more »