why are we guiltier now???

My child is sitting next to me crunching on Quisp cereal.  Does anybody remember that one?

I know it’s wrong.  And I know it’s pure sugar.  But it brings back such great childhood memories.. and I like that the milk turns yellow!  Sorta like the cocoa crispies turning the milk brown!   And what about buttered graham crackers dipped in coffee?  Yes, this was a treat my mom would let me eat.  Probably right after we drove to the store while I was sitting on a case of beer in the front seat hanging my head out the window.. to go buy her cigarettes.

They say the world is a crazier not as safe place for kids these days.  And I admit.  I don’t let my kids go anywhere without ME!  They are 8 and 10.  We live  2 blocks from school but I would NEVER let them walk alone.  But  I remember being left in the unlocked car at the store while my mom would run in.  Alot of times the windows were even kept open..  you know.. so as not to suffocate!

And I started babysitting when I was 9!  I remember babysitting kids that were pretty much my equals.. proabably 7 or 8!  And everyone thought this was okay!!??

I would leave the house right after breakfast in the summer, as Im sure alot of YOU did.. and not return until dinner, only to eat and leave again until  9 at night.  My parents knew NOTHING of what was going on.  And I didn’t tell them ANYTHING  about my adventures. Come to think of it, I don’t think they even asked!  As long as I was home on time that was good enought for them.    Sometimes I feel sorry for my kids. I am always within sight.  Are they going to know how to survive when they can’t see me and look me in the eye?  To make sure I am right there watching their every move?

Does anybody remember being dropped off at the movie in elementary school to be picked up when the movie was over?  I vividly remember seeing TOMMY in the theaters.. so I was basically 9 , seeing a movie that I am sure was not meant for a little girl my age.  All I remember about that movie was that it made me feel wierd and some girl was rolling around in beans.

Oh, and I remember going with my younger sister, who was 7 or 8.   Maybe I was well  balanced out because she also dropped us off to see The Apple dumpling gang that same year.

I don’t blame my parents.  It was the way of the world to let your kids run free.

My parents didn’t have to feel guilty about anything.   I don’t think that type of guilt existed back then.  You know, the guilt you feel for letting your child eat Quisp right out of the box, for dinner, while watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.


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  • Have you seen the blog called Free Range Kids? It's about everyone living by "worst first" ideas. We live in a culture that cannot assess risk and we do not trust our fellow citizens.

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    We used to be dropped off at the local movie palace for the afternoon, in the hot summer, when we were kids. I remember Disney movies, pirate movies, sword n' sandal movies, and I had such a huge girl-crush on Hayley Mills! I saw all of her movies and think of her fondly to this day....But interestingly, Vicki, when I was 11 years old, I saw "Lawrence of Arabia" and I was Totally. Blown. Away!!! I demanded to see it two more times, I was transfixed. Talk about 'feeling funny'! Watching Peter O'Toole in his white robes walking on top of the train!!! (and I absolutely understood the implications of that scene with the cruel Turk played by Jose Ferrer. I saw that and knew. Talk about disturbing! Heavy stuff for an 11 year old!)

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    sally.. whats a movie palace? :) LOL

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