Two Belvidere North HS cheerleaders killed yesterday

Very sad news today around my neck of the woods.  Two local girls, both cheerleaders, were driving to school to cheer for their basketball team when they lost control of the car, killing them both.

These two were best friends.   I wish neither had died.  It must bring some comfort to the parents knowing they went together.  As in life.  Together.  So young.  So pretty.  So sad.


(PHOTO) BELVIDERE NORTH ACCIDENT 2/25/2012 1    Hug your babies today.  The world is a strange, sometimes cruel place and you never know if you will ever get to wrap your arms around them again or feel their hot breath on your face when you hug them.

Here is a video these two best friends must have posted on youtube.  It had 53 hits before all this happened.  You can see how inseperable they were.    RIP girls!

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