Shedd Aquarium free day MY WAY

Ahhhh..  free day at Shedd Aquarium.    Wonderful!!!

Oh wait.  Except the fact that you will have to wait in line outside for two hours.  With whiney kids.  And OTHER  people’s whiney kids.  Like the one in front of me today that cried the whole 2 hours we stood in line.  Until I finally asked what could possible be wrong with the little .. cough cough.. angel.

“She doesn’t like to walk”.  REALLY?  REALLY???   I don’t like to walk either.  I wish someone would put me in a big ole stroller and push me around all day long.   This child is in for a long life of walking if that’s her problem.

It’s finally our turn.  We get up to the desk.. I tell them I would like to add on the dolphins and jellies for seven dollars.  Except NO.  It doesn’t work that way.  You can get in free.. to the general things,  but if you want to see anything GOOD.. it’s gonna cost you.  And cost you a pretty penny.  About 20 bucks each to be exact.  And with 3 people… the free day could easily turn into a “I can’t afford it day.”.

So I tell my kids “sorry”.  We are just doing the walmart version of the aquarium today.  They are not happy.

Seeing their sad little faces.. I decided that I am going to let them see the dolphins under water.  As soon as the lady at the stairs turns her back, we make a run for the basement to see the dolphins.    Do I feel guilty?   Do I feel like I have stolen something?  Well, considering you charged me ten bucks for a hot dog and fries… NO I do not.

And it made my children very happy.  And thats what I am here for.  Before you pass judgement, don’t!  I bought some overpriced stuffed animals and magnets at the gift shop.

And don’t forget the $21 I contributed to the city to park my car.

I really feel they need to rethink the way they do the “free” day.  Unless they are going to let you add on all the good stuff as if you bought a ticket.  I would be glad to pay for the attractions if they would let me.   And when I say pay, I mean the $3 and $4 dollars as if I paid for the admission.  The aquarium is still going to make $49 from my party of 7.   I will be happy.  My kids will be happy.  And the aquarium is going to have some more money to buy the things they need.   Otherwise you just get tired, whiney disappointed kids eating overpriced pig parts dipped in ketchup.  And that doesn’t make anybody happy.

PS.  Tomorrow is free day at the museum.   But I bet the mummies are extra!!

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