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bachelorettes and getting old

I have just been to the best bachelorette party… EVER! Okay so there were NO strippers.  Actually, thank GOD there were no strippers!  Apparently there were strippers for her  first bachelorette party, and one of them locked himself in a bedroom until one unruly party goer would  apologize for pulling down his g-string.   I am not making... Read more »

Two Belvidere North HS cheerleaders killed yesterday

Very sad news today around my neck of the woods.  Two local girls, both cheerleaders, were driving to school to cheer for their basketball team when they lost control of the car, killing them both. These two were best friends.   I wish neither had died.  It must bring some comfort to the parents knowing they... Read more »

Shedd Aquarium free day MY WAY

Ahhhh..  free day at Shedd Aquarium.    Wonderful!!! Oh wait.  Except the fact that you will have to wait in line outside for two hours.  With whiney kids.  And OTHER  people’s whiney kids.  Like the one in front of me today that cried the whole 2 hours we stood in line.  Until I finally asked what could... Read more »

turning 21 and 1/2 price liquor sales

Just when i thought I had seen it all.  Now I really have. It’s 3 a.m. and I hear loud projectile vomitting coming from my kitchen/ parlor area.  So.. of course.. I have to investigate. Does someone have food poisoning?  The flu? OH NO.. of course not.  It was half price in  the liquor department... Read more »

"TRUE" love

Carrie Underwood had the right idea when she sang,  “I dug my key into the side of his pretty little souped up four wheel drive” Tigers wife went after him with a golf club.  And his wallet took a beating too! Lorena Bobbit… well.. bit it! There is a saying about THIS  for a REASON mister…  “Hell... Read more »

hairnet anyone?

I have reached the point. The point at which I humble myself for money. Yes. I am talking about.. wearing a hairnet. As if it isn’t bad enough that they want me to wear steel toed shoes. As if it isn’t bad enough that they want me to wear goggles. As if it isn’t bad... Read more »

what's the 411 for 911?

okay.. I think there is a serious crisis going on in America with young people. I told my daughter to call 911 last night, as we were being forced off the road by what appeared to be a drunk driver, and she didn’t know HOW to call them! I was screaming at her.. call 911..... Read more »

why are we guiltier now???

My child is sitting next to me crunching on Quisp cereal.  Does anybody remember that one? I know it’s wrong.  And I know it’s pure sugar.  But it brings back such great childhood memories.. and I like that the milk turns yellow!  Sorta like the cocoa crispies turning the milk brown!   And what about buttered graham... Read more »