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With this ring....

My 8 year old said something the other night that I thought was a brilliant new fashion trend. “Mom, when you get divorced do you put your wedding ring on your middle finger?”. For a moment I was shocked that she must understand the meaning of the middle finger.  And then I was wondering WHERE... Read more »

empty boots before putting them on

As I was walking my children to school today, with pebbles in my boots, I had a revelation. Yes, it was foggy.  Yes there were a lot of cars coming at us and I was wishing we all had on helmets with flashing lights on top of them, sorta like Franklin’s (okay I have been... Read more »

love is like a solar storm

So let me get this right. Heidi and Seal still love each other tremendously and he still thinks she is  the most wonderful woman in the world.. yet.. yet.. after 7 wonderfully happy years of marriage and four children…they are splitting up.   Kristen Cavallari  is having Jay Cutler’s baby after calling off their 3 month engagement... Read more »

hb2me.. i think

So today I am turning 46.   I am okay with this.  Most of the time. So the times I am NOT okay with this are as follows: While hanging out with my 20 year old on a friday night at home she keeps reminding me that THIS could very well be my last menstrual cycle. ... Read more »

$30 to renew your drivers license???

So this parenting thing works two ways.  I.. am a parent.  And I.. have a parent. This morning I decided to let my mom, who is 79, take me to the DMV (thats what I call it from years of living in California). For some reason around here you call it Drivers License Facility or something like... Read more »

Enjoy parenting TODAY

I have NEVER been  pampered. I was a stay at home mom for 10 years… but I serioulsy only had about 2 profesional pedicures during that time and fake nails once.. until i poked my baby in the belly button with them. Ouch. That was the end of that. Oh don’t get me wrong.. I have had... Read more »