Got toilet paper?

Everyone’s doing it.  There is no denying that statement.  But do we know WHY we are doing it?  Even if you swore you wouldn’t do it, you did. Of course I am referring to the hoarding, buying, stockpiling, collecting of the ever useful toilet paper.  I swore that the people going out and buying it... Read more »

Shakira shakes and Jennifer gets low and vice versa

Has it really only been two days since the superbowl halftime show?  Does anybody else feel like its been weeks?  Only because we just cannot seem to stop talking about it! I would say that is a WIN WIN for Shakira and JLO. It doesn’t matter what my stance is on the show.  If I... Read more »

The Sex Talk

Hello.  And good morning.  I just read a very good article/ blog on having the sex talk with our kids.  The author said something that made me think though.  Made me think hard about what might be wrong with our sex talks to girls.  It seems we are always saying to them “WHEN A MAN... Read more »

Even the polar vortex can cause racial tension and bullying

Alert the media!  Attention please!!  (As if everyone doesn’t already know).   It’s cold (A F)  in the Chicagoland area.  We are all dealing with possible dead batteries in cars, school cancellations, no mail, no garbage pickup, restaurant closures and just plain old cabin fever!  But why does cabin fever have to turn to this?... Read more »

High school kids have evolved...ummmm.....changed

This is my 2nd time around raising high school girls and it certainly has changed since my firstborn who has been out of high school for almost ten years.  And it definitely has changed since I was in puberty.   I wonder if what we feel about our highschool kids is what the parents of... Read more »

Don't want my kids singing it? Then don't put it in the song!

So there is a very heated debate about what is right and wrong etiquette when it comes to that word.  You know what word.  It starts with an N.  My children were not brought up to use that word.  I did not use it.  The first time I heard my child SING that word I... Read more »

Please keep the Victoria Secret fashion show the way it is. Perfect.

First things first.  ASHLEY GRAHAM is so beautiful.  Like there is not a flaw on her face. Now.  Second thing.  And I am about to get haters for this.  She was complaining about the VS fashion show and how they didn’t use any “bigger” models.    Okay.  When we watch the VS fashion show, we really... Read more »

A tale of two Homecomings

She has been talking about it since August. She spent hours at the mall trying on dresses with her friends and sending pictures of dresses to her other friends. She helped make posters to decorate the  halls that she laughs and walks through every weekday with her endless supply of friends and smiles. She stayed... Read more »

The Story of a Girl... or a Boy.... and an iphone

“What is a kink?”  I looked up from my magazine to find one of my children hovered over my bed asking me this question.  I said I didn’t know what she meant.  Then she proceeded to tell me about a boy who asked her if she liked to get her kink on.  He asked her... Read more »

Yeah for Loving Day!

As I was trolling facebook in the wee early morning hours before the birds got up, I came across a post on someone’s wall.  It was all about her relationship with her biracial lover.  But wait, I was confused.   She was Hispanic and he was white, a.k.a. probably a mutt, mixture of german, irish, Swedish,... Read more »