Talking With Elk Grove Blogger Mary of LuxLucky

Talking With Elk Grove Blogger Mary of LuxLucky
Mary, the blogger of LuxLucky

Me and Mary, of blog LuxLucky are undertaking a blogger exchange where I feature her on my blog, and vice versa. Definitely an interesting person, she hails from Elk Grove, Illinois. Her blog started when she decided to post features on movies before just deciding, hey, I’ll put down whatever comes to mind!

Well probably. I’m just guessing. Check out her QnA with me (and then the other way around on her blog!)

Hey Mary, Please introduce yourself.

Hello! My name is Mary – real name Maricor, I tend to shy away from saying my full name cause it takes forever to explain…. Correct pronunciation is Mary-core.

I am an aspiring writer. I’ve done some freelance work in other blogs and print, mainly music and comedic articles. I’d like to aspire to be a comedy writer/producer like Mindy Kaling. I have tons of interest in all aspect of creativity, may it be music, film or visual art.

I graduated with a bachelors in sociology.

What songs have you been listening to today?

Hmmm I have been playing Justin Timberlake’s most recent album on tape loop this week. I took a breather from it, listened to some The Sweet or Kiss. I love classic rock. I would have loved to have lived in the late 60’s early 70’s to experience the Rock music of that generation.

I was talking to a friend, debating with him if this Generation has a definitive sound or is it all just pop music saturating the music scene?

We came to the conclusion that the last defined musical movement would be the 90’s Grunge movement. After that there not much of a type of music that is exploding as the new sound of today’s generation. I am so glad I got to witness the Grunge movement when it did happen.

What is your blog about?

My blog is really about the random brain farts I come up with. I don’t have a definite itinerary for how it is run or what should be posted. Cause life is random so I go by what I like to write about at the moment. I also try to get some other bloggers to post on my blog and collaborate, and lucky for me I met a brilliant friend (you) to collaborate with. 🙂

About movies as well hey? What are your favorite movies and why?

I love ” Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind”….. It has a great romantic story, very sad, and whoever has had a heart broken can greatly empathize with each character of the film. Well thought out story telling, with a great cast to play the story out perfectly.

“Vanilla Sky” is another film that never got any recognition for being so advanced in story telling. The thing that made me love this movie is that it poses a “what if” question. A “what if I did this, or did that?” the what could have been possibilities. The lives of each character plays out on these what could have been moments- that we sometimes overlook, take for granted, or pursue.

Anything Cameron Crowe- This guy knows how to soundtrack a film. I loved almost Famous.

If you could star in a movie, what would it be about and what would be your role?

I cannot picture myself as a movies star. If ever I am going to be associated with a film, I would probably the screenplay writer, or the author of the book they adapted it from.

Where are your favorite place to eat?

I am actually going on a date down town tonight…. Eating thai food! And I forced -said date- to take me to Sticky Rice in Irving Park. 🙂 Should be fun.

Summer is upon us soon. What festivals are coming up that you can recommend for this Brummie to see?

I did some festivals last year that I would do again this year….. I went to summer-fest last year and that was in Wisconsin….

This year I am going to try and see if I can get tix for lollapalooza. I’ll go to summer-fest again. I am actually going to see Fall Out Boy and Paramore on July 11th so that should make my summer something to look forward to.

There is this Music Festival called Wavefront, but its mainly for DJ-ish club music type of festival that I am not much into, but since its at the lakefront (our beach, not really a beach but a makeshift one) I would be open to experiencing it.

Craft beers a plenty I’m sure to any of those places. 😉

Do you follow sport? Educate me on the culture of sport in the city.

I love to watch sport evens live in person rather than watch on T.V. I don’t follow a specific team but I am not opposed to watching. I am not much of the person to talk to, to fully describe the fandemonium that Chicagoans go thru when it comes to sports, specially since the Blackhawks has been dominating in Hockey. I never got into the band wagon. In the summer Chicago is big on Baseball. I love going to Wrigleyville, get the cheapest tix for the cubs and relax cheering for players hitting the ball past the stadium walls. I like the relaxing nature of watching baseball. The sun on your back, cold beer on one hand and a ketchup-less ( full on other condiments of course) hot dog on the other. Nice feeling actually.

What are your favorite memories from high school/college and where do you see yourself in the next five years?

High School and College were both so far away and such a blur. I don’t even remember how I was then, it is true what they say that a person changes every five years. I was a wallflower in High School, stuck with my core close friends. In college I expanded my horizon, met more friends and stepped out of my comfort level…

Adulthood past College is different, and there is so much to learn about the world, and about myself. The things I am certain about is that changes are inevitable in life and the best tool to handle life’s problems and challenges is to be flexible and humorous about everything. Taking life too seriously will wreak havoc on your nerves. Pursue what you love to do, even if it is hard, even if at the time you do not gain anything from it. If it is the niche you love, then go for it, success will come later.

In five years??? hmmm I really don’t know. I am almost in my thirties, and I actually thought I’d be married with kids by now. Yet life took a different turn and I am where I am. Nothing wrong with that, I think things happen in accordance to what people are ready for, and with circumstance I am happy that I am not where I expected myself to be five years ago…. I was at a party last night and I was talking to a girl I met, who was in the same boat. Unmarried 30 something who was a successful ER nurse. We talked about how our friends are all married with children, or are pairing up and getting hitched. We both agreed in unison that the thought of being married, tied down with kids is something we’re both not ready to envision for ourselves yet. It is true, I am not ready for kids, and to be tied down to one person (and maybe thats the bohemian in me speaking) not to say I’m not open to it, I am just not equipped to accommodate that life change yet. I am still enjoying being single, self and career focused.

I entered college thinking I can change the world and become a Social Worker, three years after Graduation I found a career in Medical Billing, and then five years after that I changed careers into Risk Management. In the span of ten years, I probably had three romantic relationships and those didn’t last either. All I’m saying is that life changes in so many ways, and I cannot foretell where I’ll be, who I’ll be, or when that will actually happen.

All I can say is that I am excited for the next five. 🙂

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