Stories From Chicago: A Birmingham Project

Stories From Chicago: A Birmingham Project
Chicago at night/ Image courtesy of Jim Kerwood

Another video I’ve come across that focuses on the Sister City relationship between Chicago and Birmingham. It’s a video blog from Jim Kerwood, the cool looking dude in the vid, who flew to the city and on his stay there met a lot of people who tell us what makes Chicago a cool city to live in and who share their stories of the Windy City.

The aptly titled, ‘Stories From Chicago: Jim’s Introduction’, this is the trailer, the precursor to his forthcoming videos which shall be uploaded soon and will be a cool thing to watch. I’m looking forward to them.

It’s another project between Birmingham City Council and Birmingham City University (BCU) focusing on that relationship between the two cities. You can check out the previous video here, which saw a student exchange between the two cities. Dina Choudhury travelled to Chicago and Robbin Major travelled to Birmingham as they both explored each others culture and city.

One guy of note in the video is Rupert Ward who appears at around 1.18 seconds. He’s the committee chair, in other words the group leader of the Birmingham committee in Chicago. I’ve spoken to him a few times, a cool guy. If you’re a Brummie living in Chicago and would like to volunteer to be a part of the Sister City activities (or would just like to get involved anyway), definitely worth getting into contact with him.


And when I get round to doing my own version of stories for my blog, mine will be all about eating deep dish pizza and hotdogs, drinking beer, and clubbing, haha.


Check out the video below for the trailer of Jim’s time in Chicago. Check his website out to. He’s also a former BCU student, and has been involved in quite a few cool things. So go on over to his website by clicking here.

For more information on Chicago’s Sister City relationship program with Birmingham and its other cities, click here.

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