You and your situation may not look the way you are hoping for, but it’s nothing to hide or be ashamed of when you know what you’re working with. If you keep at your goals, you will transform into that which is in you and meant to come out. What you see is not always... Read more »

An Army of Soldiers

As a warrior you may be equipped with necessary tools to win battles and you may even have multiple scars that prove your victories. However, in life, you’re going to need an army to help sustain you. It’s not easy entrusting others to cover you when you’re on the battle ground, but there is only... Read more »


Don’t engage in combat that is not yours; instead retreat. Retreating can be one of the best decisions you ever make; it can save your life. Walking away from the weight of a war alleviates pressure that has the capacity to crush you. Oftentimes we’re compelled to want to help bring resolution to conflicts, but... Read more »

Stay on Track

During a recent walking exercise, I decided to keep going and do an extra lap. Despite reaching my allotted time, my energy was high, and I had more to give, so I went for it. In that moment, I did not know I was going to reach my goal for the day by staying on... Read more »

The Fruit Basket

Consider receiving a fruit basket as a gift. The gift is rightfully yours and you are free to do whatever you want with it. You can keep it to yourself and try to consume it all before it goes bad; you can consume some of it and allow the rest to rot; or you can... Read more »

You Don’t Have All the Answers

Somethings may not have worked out as you hoped for and that’s O.K. Keep going anyhow. You’ve given enough time and energy into why it didn’t work, and you may never have the answer to why, so stop trying to figure it out; move on. There are new hurdles to conquer, new innovations, and new... Read more »

Wake Up – You’re Here

Something happened behind the scenes and one day you were in the place you had hoped to be in. There was no grand entrance and no announcements even, you were simply there, almost as if you had arrived. You’ve worked so hard to get there that amidst all your labor and pain you didn’t even... Read more »

Missing Ingredient

You may see your gift as little, or not much, but when given so freely, it gets the job done. It doesn’t matter how its packaged; what matters most is its capability. We downplay what we bring to the table, but our ingredients, no matter how small they may seem, are just as vital to... Read more »

Conform to Perform

We who make the rules also have the mightTherefore our way is rightIn this matter you have no sayIt’s going to be our wayWe’ve had enough of your rejectionSubmit already and take the injectionWhat is it that you don’t trustWhy can’t you be like the rest of usWe know what’s bestAnd we will worry lessAll... Read more »

Get Up!

It seems that everything is a battle – as if you have to fight to get what you want and where you’re going. Fighting can be exhausting, and wear people out, and ultimately deplete them until there is no fight left in them. But winners don’t always fight! Sometimes winners get knocked down and endure... Read more »