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Your Reservation

Have you ever found something that was meant for you but intentionally kept from you? Sometimes you have to go back and look again. There are some things in reserve that you didn’t put there, but they are for you, if you persist. Recently, I went online to make a dinner reservation but there wasn’t... Read more »

Getting There

Regardless of roles people play at particular times, they do not have control over what is destined to be. You will find in life that there are moments when people are for you, and they do what they can to help you (and to also benefit themselves) or your cause. In this sense, they help... Read more »


When you are like unto a sweet treat and it’s your season, everybody will crave you. All sorts of people will chew on you and consume you but that’s your purpose for that time; remember that! After a while, you will be put back on the shelf and become a memory. Don’t stress out when... Read more »

The Greater the Capacity, The More That is Required

As you grow in substance, familiar territory holds you back. That place you once thrived in reaches its capacity and no longer has space for you to continue to flourish. It’s not that you’re not developing and maturing, it’s more so that you’ve done all you can within that dwelling. In order to move from... Read more »

Rise Up

You may not always be able to move the way you truly desire, as parameters may be in place that you are confined to. Play by their rules anyhow. Even when you’re boxed in, oppression can not keep you down. Consider a Jack in the Box toy. The box may be its resting place, but... Read more »


Access is a privilege, yet it is rarely regarded as such. Access is always given with a purpose in mind but if we’re not careful we can become complacent and miss the big picture. Oftentimes, its not until we lose access that we become aware of just how valuable the thing was that we were... Read more »


You and your situation may not look the way you are hoping for, but it’s nothing to hide or be ashamed of when you know what you’re working with. If you keep at your goals, you will transform into that which is in you and meant to come out. What you see is not always... Read more »

An Army of Soldiers

As a warrior you may be equipped with necessary tools to win battles and you may even have multiple scars that prove your victories. However, in life, you’re going to need an army to help sustain you. It’s not easy entrusting others to cover you when you’re on the battle ground, but there is only... Read more »


Don’t engage in combat that is not yours; instead retreat. Retreating can be one of the best decisions you ever make; it can save your life. Walking away from the weight of a war alleviates pressure that has the capacity to crush you. Oftentimes we’re compelled to want to help bring resolution to conflicts, but... Read more »

Stay on Track

During a recent walking exercise, I decided to keep going and do an extra lap. Despite reaching my allotted time, my energy was high, and I had more to give, so I went for it. In that moment, I did not know I was going to reach my goal for the day by staying on... Read more »