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Shake What Doesn’t Stick

During my morning walk, it slowly began to snow. The flurries were light and not enough to stick, yet I considered ending my exercise early by turning around and heading back home. I was half-way at my goal of three miles, so I decided to keep going and I was glad I did. I realized... Read more »

Give What Is Due

Have you ever withheld what is due to someone because you felt as though they owed you? Regardless of how or why they’re due what you owe them, you have a responsibility to pay up even when it doesn’t seem fair. Your refusal to release what you’re wrongfully holding on to (no matter what it... Read more »


When you exhibit greatness, you’re like a masterpiece at a museum, roped off and can’t be touched. The most people can do, is look and stare and read the description that highlights you. For some, what is displayed is not enough, so they dig deeper and research the art and artist even further. Sure, they... Read more »

Does Your Status Determine How You Treat People?

People get the job done, no matter what that job may be. Money, power, and prestige does not do what people can do, so be intentional about how you treat people, all people. Money, power, and prestige can alter how people respond – it can intimidate as well as motivate behavior. Even if you’re in... Read more »

The ladder

I was gifted a ladder by someone who sees me going up. As I look in awe at my brand-new ladder, I see more than a ladder. The ladder is meant to elevate me and allow me to go as high as I want; I can undoubtedly reach the ceiling if I choose to climb... Read more »

What’s Behind You?

Just when you’re cruising and peacefully moving forward it seems that out of no where people will appear behind you full of hostility trying to run you down and prevent you from getting on the right path. The key is to remember they’re behind you! They can’t see what’s in front of you and where... Read more »

Batter Up

In order to hit a home run, you must first step up to the plate. Now that it’s your turn, what are you going to do? Sure, you may strike out, but you may also earn a run batted in, or you just may even hit a grand slam. Either way, you have to be... Read more »

Limited Time Only

Nothing, absolutely nothing lasts forever; whether good or bad, it will certainly come to an end. If the situation you’re in now has you feeling defeated and depleted, the good news is one day it will be over. You have to hang in there until that day comes. You may not know the day, and... Read more »

Adapt, Achieve

No matter what environment you find yourself in, you must be able to adapt to it until you’re able to change it. Who you are doesn’t change based on where you are. Your position may change and when it does, you will be empowered to set the tone, but you must first learn to adapt... Read more »

Frustration = Break

We all get frustrated at times, so we have to know when to reset so that defeat doesn’t cause us to react in a way that is not in alignment with who we are. It’s important to know when to put a thing on the shelf and walk away. Since frustration is an interrupter, we... Read more »