The Greater the Capacity, The More That is Required

As you grow in substance, familiar territory holds you back. That place you once thrived in reaches its capacity and no longer has space for you to continue to flourish. It’s not that you’re not developing and maturing, it’s more so that you’ve done all you can within that dwelling. In order to move from stagnation, you must challenge yourself by stretching out and going bigger.

I recently repotted a plant because it needed more space to grow. Over time, I noticed that the plant drooped more often than usual. Then I realized I had been giving the plant the same amount of water I had when it was in its old pot. The intake should have increased because the plant has new soil and nutrients with a greater capacity. When you move to your place of increase, make sure you’re getting the required amount of water for nourishment in that place. Remember, the greater the capacity, the more that is required.

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