Stay on Track

During a recent walking exercise, I decided to keep going and do an extra lap. Despite reaching my allotted time, my energy was high, and I had more to give, so I went for it. In that moment, I did not know I was going to reach my goal for the day by staying on the track. I was pleasantly surprised when the indicator on my fitness watch alerted me of the achievement.

In life, things may not happen in the time span you have allotted, but they will happen if you just stay on track. You’re closer than you know. Can you imagine working so hard towards a goal and giving up because it didn’t happen when you wanted it to happen? All that hard work only not to get the prize. You have it in you to push a little harder and stay a little longer. If you have another lap in you, stay on track. You’ve been at it for so long that you’re no longer aware of your progress. Your alert is about to sound off and you’re going to earn what you’ve put your blood, sweat and tears into.

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