Eat When You’re Hungry

As I walked through the park, I observed a colony of gulls whaling viciously as they ripped through a paper bag and Styrofoam container to get to scraps from someone’s meal that landed on the ground rather than in its proper place – the nearby trash can. A scene like this is familiar, and I’ve seen it plenty of times before especially in parking lots. But this time was different. I couldn’t help but notice one gull off to the side who for whatever reason decided not to participate in the feeding frenzy.

What did this one gull know that made him decide not to engage in the battle? Had he eaten already and was full? Did he realize that not every gull in the circle would fly away with food and that only the most savage of the colony would dominate? Did he want to wait for the next feeding opportunity? Or was it simply not his turn? Do you have enough restraint to be the one to stay out of this round even when everyone else is inside fighting for a meal ticket? Do you have enough faith to know that you won’t starve? Do you dare to be different and watch from the sideline alone? Only you know when you’re hungry! Just because everyone else is going at it, doesn’t mean you should too. Eat when you’re hungry!

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