The ladder

I was gifted a ladder by someone who sees me going up. As I look in awe at my brand-new ladder, I see more than a ladder. The ladder is meant to elevate me and allow me to go as high as I want; I can undoubtedly reach the ceiling if I choose to climb all the way up. The ladder has handles on either side to protect me and make my climb safe. This ladder even has a pouch at the very top that can be used to store tools. As I climb the ladder, I can do it without any extra weight. All I have to do is climb and whatever I need will be at the top when I get there.

When its time to do things outside of what you’re used to, time to stretch yourself and take that next step, I hope someone puts before you a ladder. A ladder that only you can climb. A ladder that will help you reach places you couldn’t reach before, a ladder that will give you the boost that you need to go all the way to the top.

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