How long will you sit back and watch the person in front of you try to wiggle themselves out of a hole before you offer to push? With the recent snowstorms, cars have become stuck on roads not completely plowed.

I once was on a ramp leading to the Interstate when I noticed that a vehicle about three cars ahead of me was stuck. A long line began to form, and it seemed like forever before one young man further behind me exited his vehicle, walked up the ramp, and began pushing that 4,000 lbs. of machinery. I thought to myself (as I’m sure other drivers in the line did as well), great! Now we’ll be able to move and get to where we’re going. Despite the young man’s good will, it wasn’t enough. The car remained stuck and other drivers continued to sit by idly watching.

Finally, after my hopes of another man emerging to help didn’t happen, fed up, I hopped out of my car and joined the stranger and began pushing. I’m not sure if other drivers thought it was a joke that little old me was trying to push, or if they were relieved that it was me and not them. Either way, they didn’t get involved and still with me pushing too, it just wasn’t enough. Then it dawned on the male driver who was stuck all this time that if he got out and pushed and let me steer, the three of us could get this car out of this hole and clear the pathway for everyone.

His strategy worked! After shifting our weight, and changing positions, we did it! The person ahead of you may be the one in the hot seat, but perhaps your success depends on their success. With them being stuck, you can’t go around or move forward yourself, so why not help them? Their victory opens the road with many lanes for you. Don’t underestimate your ability to help move the needle. The person in need will find a way to utilize what you have to offer. If you join the party, your gifts, talents and skillset can be applied in the best way to make a difference for those stuck, for you, and for those coming up behind you.

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