Be Greater

Whether it’s on your job, in a sport, parenting, or something else in your personal life, hopefully, you’ve had a mentor or someone to train you for the position you’re in now. No matter how great they are, a good mentor and leader will want you to be even better at the job than they were. Like every parent wants their children to be greater than them. Moreover, you should be greater! If you’re only going to be as good as and not better than those before you were, then all their hard work, trials and failures would have been in vain. Their wisdom, years of experience and expertise coupled with your innovative outlook, hunger and tenacity equips you to go further than they ever could have.

Avoid the same pitfalls and learn from past mistakes already made. Cut the process down so that it gets done sooner. Do more with less so that you’re more profitable. Surpass their records and set new ones. Do better and be greater!

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