What Are You Standing On?

As I cleaned my bookcase, I gave special attention to the upper shelves that display a few books, pictures and décor. I thought how important it is to keep the eye-level shelves clean and looking good because after all, those are the shelves that people can see. I decided to stoop down and clean the... Read more »

Choose Courage

It takes courage to live. You have to be brave to take chances when you don’t know what the end will be. Expecting a bad outcome is fear. But it’s courageous when you don’t know how things will turn out, yet you stand firm and try anyway. From the simplest to the more complex choices... Read more »

Grace Under Fire

Having good will towards others and showing kindness while being attacked is undoubtedly grace under fire. But more importantly, the ability to maintain a decorum appropriate for the occasion and place is grace in action. Fighting fire with fire causes everyone to be burned. Sometimes, to win the battle, you have to be the water... Read more »

Help Yourself by Helping Others

Before you write someone off or before your final answer is no, ask yourself can you be sure you won’t be in a similar position needing the same grace later? You can’t be sure because we do not fully know what the future holds. Be kind when you can and grant the favor when it’s... Read more »

Cut the Strings!!!

I realized like a marionette, I had strings attached to me that others had been pulling on. I had become a puppet and was being manipulated and directed in the moves I made. Finally, I’ve decided to cut those strings so I’m no longer being controlled by others. It’s easy to get caught up and... Read more »

How to be When you Grow

Be intentional about how you growGrow in character, not just in statureBe more than old when you growLearn from experiences that you captureBe open so you can growExplore opportunities that have no endBe consistent as you growAnd faithful, unlike a forever changing trendBe different when necessary as you growDon’t stay within, but grow outBe who... Read more »

I Aint Too Proud to Beg

One summary of the way beg is defined is to ask earnestly with humility and having a sense of urgency. Even a rich man will beg to fulfill purpose. Begging is not deceitful; it has nothing to do with what you already have, but everything to do with getting what you need. There will be... Read more »

Look Up!

There is a crowd cheering for you who wants you to winLook up so you can see the champion withinThe way to success will not always be the sameLook up and get in the new laneThe pain makes you believe this is allLook up so your tears no longer fallThe sound of the ticking clock... Read more »

Your Place

Your gifts and talents will never ever go to waste. It’s all about the place you’re in. Sometimes, you have to get in the right place for the right people to recognize what you’re capable of and to call on you. When you’re acknowledged and the spotlight shines on you, you better be ready. It’s... Read more »

Is Your Work Working for You?

We work to make a living, but the work should be working for us. When we begin to look at the grand scheme of things, we should be able to identify how what we’re doing is actually working in our favor. Everything we do has a purpose, and our goals should always be to know... Read more »