Going the extra mile is no longer extra; it should be the standard. If you want to go higher in anything, you should also want to do more than what is expected or required. Normalize what others view as beyond and you’ll go further. You’ll also get to the prize if you keep going. So... Read more »

Find a Way

Life is not one size fits all. You have to find a way to make it fit for you. What worked for you or someone else in the past may not be the solution for you now. Your angle has to be different and you can’t keep approaching situations the same (even if it worked... Read more »

The Way to More

You already have what it takes to be impactful. Your natural gifts and talents are the game changers and what makes a difference. It’s O.K. to strive towards personal growth, but you don’t have to wait until then to be great. You’re equipped now. A promotion and a platform will surely add to you. It... Read more »

Eat When You’re Hungry

As I walked through the park, I observed a colony of gulls whaling viciously as they ripped through a paper bag and Styrofoam container to get to scraps from someone’s meal that landed on the ground rather than in its proper place – the nearby trash can. A scene like this is familiar, and I’ve... Read more »

Glow with Your Growth

As you mature and experience some things in life, there is evidence. Whether it be a scar or a trophy, good or bad, something always remains to remind us of the process. After you have gone through a dark place and put the work in, it’s o.k. to come out glowing. Updates and upgrades should... Read more »

Trees Produce Fruit

Consider the trees and their stages of life and how they endure phases of empty crowns, yet they remain rooted and planted and eventually form fruit. There will be times in life, when we feel barren, and during those times, we should be reminded that we’re still vital to that which we are planted in.... Read more »

Free is not Free

Just because you got something for free doesn’t mean it didn’t cost the giver anything. Don’t be fooled into thinking that just because you paid a ticketed price, especially a high cost, that what you’re getting is more valuable than what someone freely gave you. Free to you doesn’t mean free to the giver.Webster’s Dictionary... Read more »

Shake What Doesn’t Stick

During my morning walk, it slowly began to snow. The flurries were light and not enough to stick, yet I considered ending my exercise early by turning around and heading back home. I was half-way at my goal of three miles, so I decided to keep going and I was glad I did. I realized... Read more »

Give What Is Due

Have you ever withheld what is due to someone because you felt as though they owed you? Regardless of how or why they’re due what you owe them, you have a responsibility to pay up even when it doesn’t seem fair. Your refusal to release what you’re wrongfully holding on to (no matter what it... Read more »


When you exhibit greatness, you’re like a masterpiece at a museum, roped off and can’t be touched. The most people can do, is look and stare and read the description that highlights you. For some, what is displayed is not enough, so they dig deeper and research the art and artist even further. Sure, they... Read more »