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What my kids are missing for living "abroad"

The other day, a friend asked me a question that took me a while to answer: “Why haven’t you returned to Spain?” It’s not like I don’t think about it. I actually think about it a whole lot more than I like to admit. But I needed some time to come up with a reason... Read more »

The friend who stays behind

Today I said goodbye to someone who, in the short space of 8 months, has become not only an important part of our family, but also a friend. As it happens almost every time, as I hugged her I felt a mix of happiness, because I know that she is going back to the place... Read more »

The suburbs are calling, but I am not answering (yet)

This weekend we finally came to our senses and decided to go on a little exploratory committee to check out the suburbs. It’s not like I haven’t been there before, but I doubt that a trip to IKEA or Legoland counts as checking  them out. Since our house was taken over by dehumidifiers and fans... Read more »

When going back home doesn't look like in the movies

Every time I tell someone that I am spending seven weeks in Spain this summer they express their jealousy, envy, and disbelief. It’s all “Ooooh, aaaah, how lucky”. I guess they imagine me lounging around in perfect weather, hanging around with my people, drinking sangría and cooking paellas by the sun. I imagine that too.... Read more »

My first First Communion

As the mother, that is. 27 years ago I had my First Communion. It took place in Spain, and I have two vivid memories of it: the afternoons spent with two boys from my village and with Don Donato, the most wonderful priest I have ever met, looking for an owl in the bell tower... Read more »