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Let's make World Hearing Day a day of appreciation and prevention

I am a complainer. Almost a professional one. And, yes, that is a thing, but I think they call them comedians. But, now seriously, aren’t we all? Like many others, I spend too much of my time complaining about lack of time, sleep, money, excess of work, the impossibility of balancing said work, family and... Read more »

About that weight upon the shoulders of special needs parents

  DISCLAIMER: I know that some of the terms that I use and highlight here are controversial, very charged and maybe upsetting. Any other day I would agree with you on that. But today I need those terms to express my feelings accurately. As much as they may hurt.   Sometimes, I almost forget that... Read more »

Why my son's first birthday party invitation became a celebration in itself

If you have kids of school age, chances are that to some extent, you dread birthday parties. Chances are, too, that you attend a fair amount of them, and throw a couple or three a year. As I wrote about our particular birthdaypalooza, I am as guilty as the next mom of throwing them, a... Read more »

An open letter to Nyle DiMarco

Dear Nyle, First of all, congratulations on your victory on Dancing with the Stars. I am not a regular viewer of the show, and I am far for knowing even the basics about dancing, but it seemed to me, and everyone else, that you did a fantastic job. I also want to thank you. The... Read more »

The suburbs are calling, but I am not answering (yet)

This weekend we finally came to our senses and decided to go on a little exploratory committee to check out the suburbs. It’s not like I haven’t been there before, but I doubt that a trip to IKEA or Legoland counts as checking  them out. Since our house was taken over by dehumidifiers and fans... Read more »

The timeline of a cochlear implant in photos

<b>October 13, 2015. Surgery day.</b> Here we go again, another Tuesday 13th. In Spain, Tuesday 13th, or <i>"martes y trece"</i>, is supposed to bring bad luck. Both of his surgeries were on Tuesday 13th, almost three years apart. A friend put together a list of all the good things that have happened on Tuesday 13th in history, and I will be eternally grateful to her for that. The first time I was looking for any excuse to back up. The second time I considered it a good sign. Here he is happily playing before going into the OR. He took the nurse's temperature and BP before she took his. We played, explained and prepared him quite a bit so he wouldn't be scared. Luckily, we succeeded. Being in a big pediatric hospital, Lurie Children's Hospital, truly helped, as they are more than used to deal with little kids.
*Disclaimer: some of the pictures in this gallery are graphic and show a healing scar in detail. If you are sensitive, you may want to have someone else have a look at them first.  *Second disclaimer: This post intends to be informative in nature. I am not weighing in the pro or anti cochlear implant... Read more »

The lucky ones. In memory of Donna Quirke.

When people find out that my four year old is deaf, their first reaction is to say that they are sorry. Every single time I answer with a line that leaves them perplexed: “Don’t be sorry for me. I’m one of the lucky ones”. And every single time, they have a hard time understanding why... Read more »

Sometimes average can be great

Today I heard some of the most amazing words about my four year old. “He was like everybody else”. This might sound weird to you, and I get it. Normally, every parent harbors the hope that their kids will be better than most. Incredible. Outstanding. Amazing. Excellent. Perfect. But today, for me, average summed up... Read more »

To the father at the waiting room at therapy today: Little boys also have feelings

Dear fellow parent: “That’s not a nice boy” is not something you say to your daughter while the three year old you are talking about is looking you in the eye. He was not even my son, so I should probably mind my own business. Even his mom may have not noticed. But I can’t... Read more »

My (hopefully) ever growing list of "deaf" movies

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe><br><b>FourWeddings and a funeral:</b> As much as I love independent, weird, dramatic movies in Norwegian (or so says my husband), I believe that every woman needs a stack of feel good movies, for gloomy days. This is one of my favorites for that purpose. Released in 1994, with a very young Hugh Grant as Charles, the main character, it is funny, and witty, and visually pleasant. The deaf character here is David, Charles' brother, played by the actor <a href="">David Bower</a> <br>
More than twenty years before I gave birth to a deaf son, something called my attention in one of my favorite movies, Four Weddings and a Funeral: the brother of the main character was deaf, and signing was a big part of the plot. Back then, I was attracted to signing because a boy from... Read more »