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Airport terror

As I write this, breaking news about another terror attack in Istanbul are quickly invading my TV screen, newspapers, social media. Soon enough, Facebook profiles, maybe including mine, will feature the Turkish flag in support of the victims. We will be horrified for a few days, politicians will pledge to protect us, and while all... Read more »

All the little things that Brexit will ruin

I had been joking lately that if Trump wins in the US, and the new extreme left party Podemos wins in Spain, I will have no other alternative than to move to the UK, that had always seemed to be a country with strong common sense. After all, England has always held an special spot... Read more »

Three Wise Men are on the loose

I have been meaning to write about how we celebrate Christmas in Spain all Christmas long. Here we are, on January 7th, when Christmas is over even here, in Spain, and I haven’t come up with much. But it may actually be fitting that I waited so long, because then I get to write about... Read more »

An unlikely Christmas Eve or the worst part of being a foreigner

Living abroad has given me so many good things that naming them all would take a whole series of posts. But I just need one line to name the worst part of it: being far from my family and friends. If you ask most Spaniards, and I bet that it applies to most foreigners or... Read more »

A short guide to long distance relationships

Before I even start, let me tell you this: they work. My three kids are a testimony to that. And this blog, in a weird way, is too. Because that was the reason I became a foreigner. You are not a foreigner until you are in a distant land, and I landed in foreign (for... Read more »

How to fly without losing your mind... with kids, that is.

I clearly remember the first time I hopped on a plane. I was three, going on vacation with my parents to the south of Spain. I remember holding my white teddy bear, and drinking and orange soda. It must have been a big deal for me, because those are some of the first clear memories... Read more »

When did buying airline tickets become an odyssey?

I just spent two hours and a half on the phone in order to purchase our tickets to Spain for Christmas. I’m not kidding. I’m not exaggerating. I have pictures and all. In the time of online shopping, Amazon Hour, and the demise of (to my dismay) the mortar and brick shop, I had no other... Read more »

5 things I missed while in Spain

<b>The food </b> After all, where else, other than in a big American city, and maybe in London, can you find an Indian restaurant, a Japanese sushi place, a Mexican restaurant, an Italian Trattoria, a pizza joint and a couple of pubs, all in the same block? Where else can you have lunch at McDonalds and dinner at Next?
When you are asked what  you miss from home, you always think first about friends and family. But then there are many other things, some more obvious than others, some even silly, that you also miss.  These are the 5 things I missed the most from Chicago while I was away. What do you miss... Read more »

Mama called the doctor... or why you don't want your kids to get sick abroad

I am mad. Very mad. And concerned. Let me start by saying that there are amazing doctors in Spain, and that you can get very good quality medical care there. Actually, my three cousins and the wives of two of them are doctors. That said, let me rant a bit. Back in May, my then... Read more »

The smuggling of the Kinder egg, and else

Once upon a time, a very very young me (let’s say 15), planned with one of her best friends to become drug lords, be subsequently rich and live happily ever after. I know it’s not your typical teenage dream, but, hell, it was more realistic than prince charming.  And it was a heck of a... Read more »