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5 things from Spain that I am missing now

<b>My mountains</b> These are the ones I grew up with, but any mountain will do. Being in the plains is still weird for me, even twelve years into it. The fact that I have to drive hundreds of miles to find a decent mountain still baffles me. Not that I do much with them once I have them close, but they make the perfect background for a good book.
As grateful as I am to the US for all the things it has given me, there are some things that I will never get here. Again, as I said yesterday, family and friends are what I miss the most. Yesterday I had the opportunity of showing the city to a childhood friend who was... Read more »

5 things I missed while in Spain

<b>The food </b> After all, where else, other than in a big American city, and maybe in London, can you find an Indian restaurant, a Japanese sushi place, a Mexican restaurant, an Italian Trattoria, a pizza joint and a couple of pubs, all in the same block? Where else can you have lunch at McDonalds and dinner at Next?
When you are asked what  you miss from home, you always think first about friends and family. But then there are many other things, some more obvious than others, some even silly, that you also miss.  These are the 5 things I missed the most from Chicago while I was away. What do you miss... Read more »

The sweetest sleep (or its lack thereof)

*Note: this post was written during August’s ChicagoNow’s Blogapalooz-Hour! This was the prompt given to us by the blog boss: “Write about sleep and the impact it has on your life now or at any point in your life” I like to joke that, unlike most moms, instead of acquiring an inner alert system when I... Read more »

Back to school times 12

  Twelve years after my first day of class in Chicago, I still get excited when I return to the University for the first day in the Fall semester that, oddly enough, or so thought this newcomer back then, starts in August. I still feel the butterflies in my stomach the same way I did... Read more »

Mama called the doctor... or why you don't want your kids to get sick abroad

I am mad. Very mad. And concerned. Let me start by saying that there are amazing doctors in Spain, and that you can get very good quality medical care there. Actually, my three cousins and the wives of two of them are doctors. That said, let me rant a bit. Back in May, my then... Read more »

The smuggling of the Kinder egg, and else

Once upon a time, a very very young me (let’s say 15), planned with one of her best friends to become drug lords, be subsequently rich and live happily ever after. I know it’s not your typical teenage dream, but, hell, it was more realistic than prince charming.  And it was a heck of a... Read more »

About that Air and Water show...

It’s been 12 years since my first Air and Water Show. My first encounter with it was quite a shock. We are talking 2003, when the tragic events of 9/11 were still recent and raw in everyone’s memories, and I was a young and impresionable 23 year old Spaniard who had just moved the day... Read more »