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The 5 best Spanish restaurants in Chicago (according to a Spaniard)

<b>Number 5: <a href="">Cafe Ba-ba-ree-ba</a></b> At almost 30 years, <b>Cafe Ba-Ba-Ree-Ba</b> is a veteran among the Spanish restaurants in Chicago. This boisterous Lincoln Park tapas bar has only gotten better with the years, and their cooking is at its best. Just an example, we took my aunt the same day she arrived from Spain, and she loved the Calamares a la plancha.
During the twelve years that I have lived here the question that I have been asked the most has to be “What is your favorite Spanish restaurant in Chicago?” The first few years there was not much to say. There were tapas restaurants here and there, but the offer was neither impressive nor sophisticated. Good... Read more »

I just fed my baby McDonalds and he will survive... I hope.

Baby as in 10 months old. McDonalds as in a Happy Meal. I also bought oatmeal, but it was too hot at first. So I offered him a fry. To no one’s surprise, he loved it. And as he did, I sank into one of my worst parenting moments ever. Or maybe not? For the... Read more »

The village

They say around here that it takes a village to raise a child. In some cases, surely in mine, you would have to upgrade that village to a whole town. During my first years of motherhood, I was loner mom. I had a great group of friends here, but they were my friends from the... Read more »