Our Top 17 Pairings of the Year

That time of year to get all listy.

And this is a strange list, a list chronicling what someone else – a stranger no less – ate, drank and loved together over the last year. Something insanely specific, weird and DRY about that, I know. But that’s what we do here, mostly to pass time as I wait for the baseball season to begin (Browns fan – football and relevance haven’t been used in the same sentence for years).

Good is of course good. But better is better. Saying a cab goes with steak just doesn’t cut it. It’s in the specifics where food and wine together goes from, “Hey, that’s good,” to “CRAP! THAT’S AWESOME!”

Here’s 17 food and wine pairings that were Huggy Bear Love in our world over the last 12 Gregorian months. We oddly spread it around in terms of wine that excelled with food this past year. A bit of Italian, a touch of French, a huge Iberian tilt, one Australian number and a handful of wines that spanned the entire West Coast.


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