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Twelve Days of Capitalistic Christmas ♫

Western Civilization has bequeathed us many things. One is capitalism, and the other is the Christmas giving season – a combination immortalized in the great consumer anthem “The 12 Days of Christmas.” Of course, today’s holiday season lasts far longer than just 12 days. So before retailers successfully lengthen it into the “12 Months of Christmas,”... Read more »

Rahm Emanuel: Has absence made our hearts grow fonder?

Despite Chicago leading the nation in unemployment, gas prices, political corruption and more shooting deaths than in Afghanistan, Mayor Rahm Emanuel takes his doctor’s advice to heart: “Make sure to take some breaks.”...

Jill Kelley Infographic: How much junk’s in that trunk?

To view entire infographic on one screen, right click your mouse and select “open image in a new tab.”...

Infographic: What bumper sticker would YOU put on Mitt Romney’s car?


A Presidential Face-off of Debatable Proportions

Did you miss the first presidential debate Wednesday night? Then you missed the candidates putting education first by ensuring all students fell asleep early on a school night. Here are 10 other funny highlights in photos:

10 Photos for Your Souvenir GOP Convention Scrapbook

Relieved that a black man named Isaac won’t be showing up, Republicans in Tampa gave the all-clear, turned the lights back on and started their convention on Tuesday. For those creating GOP picture books at home, the wait proved worth it. Here are some of the instant classics:

10 Wry Photos about that Magical Romney/Ryan Ticket

Yes, in announcing his running mate Saturday, Mitt Romney did flub and call Paul Ryan “the next president of the United States,” but credit Romney for consistency: He always puts the same foot in his mouth. As we await Mitt’s next gaffe, enjoy these 10 FluffingtonPost photo captions and funny YouTube video about “3 Things I’ve Learned... Read more »

Olympics Infographic: Global Unifier or Parochial ‘Rashomon’

In Akira Kurosawa’s classic film Rashomon, reality shifts with each character’s point of view. With the Olympics, the myth is the entire globe is unified watching the same competitions. The reality...

Medalling with 10 Funny Olympics Photos

If the London 2012 Olympics have been sublime, the images have been equally so. Here are 10 that caught the eye of Fluffington Post editors, to which we’ve added our own unique commentary.

10 Jokes to Open the London Olympics

1.) Prediction: After Michael Phelps wins his last gold medal, he yells at the camera, “I’m going to Burning Man!”...