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Age of Trump summed up in 15 funny photos

Good-bye Chicago: 10 T’ings I Won’t Miss

Mayor Emanuel says Chicago is “a world-class city with world-class infrastructure.” Then why does the Kennedy Expressway shrink for 5½ miles (from Montrose to Cumberland) to three lanes in either direction? This might work for a suburban artery serving strip malls and Applebees, but for getting in and out of one of the world’s busiest airports? Not world class.
As The FluffingtonPost leaves Chicago to start a new chapter in Los Angeles, my feelings are mixed. On the one hand, Chicago has been my home for multiple decades. My parents live here. My childhood memories took root here. On the other hand, local corruption and the deterioration of all local public institutions bring to... Read more »

2013 in Review: The Fluff’s 10 funniest images

From “The Week That Will Be – in Jokes #2” (Aug. 23)
What better way for a 2013 in review than through its images. After all, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, but given the going blog rate of $0.00/word, the ratio is fairly arbitrary ratio. After all, this would also mean that 17 words or a 3,500 pictures would also be worth roughly the same...

Is New Yorker caption contest judged by troglodytes?

When the film reviewer Roger Ebert passed in April, longer tributes noted his devotion to the weekly New Yorker caption contest. I enjoyed knowing we had this in common. The New Yorker even posted...

Dear Celebrity: I’m too young to be your pen pal

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas split: http://bit.ly/15JEPFK
My first child recently turned three months, but behaviorally, he has gone straight from newborn to man of letters. I am partly to blame...

10 Digital Billboards You Won’t See in Chicago

How can one man representing the Midway Airport area hold the entire state and its financial sanity hostage?
Chicago: “Hog butcher for the world, tool maker, stacker of wheat” and now... builder of billboards? That’s the grand ambition of Mayor Rahm Emanuel...

CEO Compensation: 10 Habits of Highly Overpaid Individuals

LEADER OF THE PACK: Ellison’s list-topping executive pay was up 24% in 2012, despite  a 22% decline in shareholder return. This included $1.5 million to cover his home security needs.
With vacation-house season now in full key-party swing, The New York Times has published its annual list of best compensated CEOs in America.The good news: the median compensation of the 200 richest CEOs leaped by 16% in 2012 to reach $16 million...

Father’s Day Fun Photos: A 1st-Time Father’s Journey

My little boy: You always crossed your legs in the ultrasounds, and for some reason, the doctors were 90% certain you’d be a girl. So my first surprise as a new father: You arrived as a boy! And P.S. little Benny... you were just one changed chromosome away from being a “Sylvie” for life.
Last month, my wife and I adopted our first child. My biggest surprise so far? Well, I expected the belching, but why does no one mention all the gas from the other end...

Top 10 things Pope Benedict XVI will miss on retirement

When Pope Benedict XVI retires on Feb. 28, he will make good on his Lenten pledge to give up working for God. But with his abdication, here are at least 10 other things the Pontiff will certainly miss...

2012-in-Review: The Fluff’s 10 funniest images

From “Medalling with 10 Funny Olympics Photos” (Aug. 1)
In its debut year on ChicagoNow.com, The FluffingtonPost was called many things, but none pithy or positive enough to be quoted here. Yet, The Fluff still feels it can be all things to all people – especially non-readers – through a distracting diet of funny photos. Our modest goal: be the Internet’s most “multi-medium” experience – i.e., equally... Read more »