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Rural America secedes from U.S., still hopes to attract top Black athletes

Following a fourth consecutive non-breakout debate performance, Texas Senator Ted Cruz has left the Republican presidential field to lead a secession movement by all rural areas of the country...

2013 in Review: 10 funniest posts not leaked by Edward Snowden

Most year-in-review pieces leave much to be desired by us at The Fluff. Yes, they provide a broad look back at national and global events. Or in the case of Dennis Rodman – a galactic view...

2013 in Review: The Fluff’s 10 funniest images

From “The Week That Will Be – in Jokes #2” (Aug. 23)
What better way for a 2013 in review than through its images. After all, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, but given the going blog rate of $0.00/word, the ratio is fairly arbitrary ratio. After all, this would also mean that 17 words or a 3,500 pictures would also be worth roughly the same...

FluffingtonPost’s 100th Blog: It’s all about me

Today marks a double milestone for The FluffingtonPost: both my 100th humor blog and 1-year anniversary since joining ChicagoNow.com. So in the tradition of any long-running sitcom...

2012-in-Review: The Fluff’s 10 funniest images

From “Medalling with 10 Funny Olympics Photos” (Aug. 1)
In its debut year on ChicagoNow.com, The FluffingtonPost was called many things, but none pithy or positive enough to be quoted here. Yet, The Fluff still feels it can be all things to all people – especially non-readers – through a distracting diet of funny photos. Our modest goal: be the Internet’s most “multi-medium” experience – i.e., equally... Read more »

2012-in-Review: 10 funniest posts not ghost-written for General Petraeus

I originally intended my year-in-review to be my 10 favorite books from 2012. Then I realized how many on my list were written by now discredited authors (Paula Broadwell’s All In the Honey Pot, Jonah Lehrer’s Imagine: How Creative Non-Fiction Really Works and Fareed Zakaria’s Borrowed Notes to Myself). So instead, here are the 10 funniest 2012... Read more »